Aa Advice – Leading Worship Solo


Every now and then, I get invitations to lead worship at other churches. In accepting those invites, I realize that I may have to sing solo…meaning no praise team/worship team or background vocalists.  There are a few things that I keep in mind when I have to lead worship solo.

Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit –  No matter what you plan, it will fail without direction of the Holy Spirit.

Communicate – If this is your first time visiting the church, you need to get information about the congregation.  I believe that this makes a huge difference.  Find out about their demographics, what type of music they are used to in their church (Contemporary Christian, Black Gospel, Hymns, etc).

Choose songs carefully – The thing that helps me the most is that I try and choose songs that are familiar to the audience.  If  the audience is singing, then you can at least ad lib a few times during the song.  However, you can’t count on the audience being involved all of the time.  You just never know what is going happen.  You can only pray for the best outcome!

Practice – You have to practice on your own in general, but especially if you are used to doing lots of ad libs throughout your worship set.  Take time to rehearse singing each song as if it were a solo.  You may be surprised how you will try to lead a song in, and there are no singers there to back you up. Practice as if there will be no additional vocal assistance.

These are the things that help me. How do you prepare to lead solo worship sets?  Let me know in the comment section below.