New Music by J Moss and Y’anna Crawley

I just wanted to share one of my favorite places to find new music. If you look on my blogroll, you will see a link to Gospel Pundit. I like going to this site, because it keeps me informed about things related to the gospel music industry. This site also features new singles from various independent artists that you wont hear on the radio.  Check it out.

New tracks:

  • Grandma’s Hands by Y’anna Crawley (Sunday’s Best Winner 2009)
  • Rebuild Remix by J Moss

To hear these songs, click on the Pundit Player here.

Inspired by…

As I am working on my music ministry, I have to continue to be motivated.  So I seek out independent gospel artists and find out any information that I can.

Today I am inspired by Kenny DeShields.  I first heard of Kenny on Gospel Pundit in the Pundit Player with the song “I Thank Ya Lord”.   I honestly wasn’t feeling the song that much at first, but my husband would play it all of the time.  I really started to think about the words and that song grew on me.  Now I can’t stop singing it.

So today I happened to be doing a little searching on the net and I came across an interview that Kenny DeShields did on Finding The B-Side.  He said something in the interview that confirmed what the Spirit of God told me to do a few weeks ago.  The Spirit gave me the idea of setting up my living room like a concert area.  It would have a stage, a few chairs, my keyboard (even though I haven’t played it in years), a microphone, etc.  Sounds weird???maybe, but I found it funny that DeShields did something very similar.

Anyway, here are a few things that I learned from Kenny DeShield’s interview.

  • Have a concert at home by yourself – K. DeShields  had “Tonight At Kenny’s” every once and a while with a full set list.  He did this about two years before he stepped out and shared it with others.
  • Having a support system is important – you need to have others around you who can pray for you and encourage you.
  • Educate yourself about the music industry – Start reading books about the music business and entertainment law.