Filling You In

In case you are new to the site, I just wanted to catch you up on few things.   This is the digital log of my music journey.  I will try my best to let you know all of the details of things that I encounter (good and bad) as I am promoting my music.  Also, I want to keep you engaged, so I will share other things with you when there is not much to say about my music.

This year the plan is to at least release an EP (extended play).  An EP is longer than a demo, but shorter than a full-length album.  It is usually about 3-5 songs. 

As far as my style, I love praise and worship, but I also like nice beats.  So you may hear similarities to  Mary Mary and Kierra Sheard in my music.

I am ready to get this thing started and even more excited to let you know all of my happenings.