Dinner and a Five Dollar Movie

Now you all get to see the bargain hunter side of me.  Unless you read The PeachPost, then you wouldn’t know that I am so good at finding deals (Look at me tooting my own horn, ha!).  

So the deal that I want to tell you about is $5 movie tickets. You know that this is half off a regular ticket, right? And most of the time when you go to the movies, you go to dinner as well. So this is a really good offer. Plan a date night and….

Make  Dinner Reservations at

Buy any dinner entree

Add a movie ticket for only $5.00

For more information visit McCormick and Schmick’s.

Offer ends September 30.


Do you plan to take advantage of this? What movie would you go to see?


Have You Ever…

Have you ever let a song minister to you?

A few weeks ago, I was rehearsing a song that I planned to sing at church.  I loved the lyrics, but one day the words in the song, just ministered to me. All of sudden, I couldn’t even sing the song anymore because I had begun to praise God and thanked him for being sovreign. I started thinking about how big God really is.  I thought about how he is so  great and awesome. 

Do you know what I am talking about?

Songs I Like – I Don’t Look Like by Deon Kipping

I discovered this video by looking for something else.

Isn’t that how you find most things on the internet? 

Anyway, I wanted to share this song by Deon Kipping called “I Don’t Look Like”.  Through all of the low times in our life, thank God we don’t look like all the sickness, the pain and the hurt that we have gone through.  

In spite of it all, we look pretty good. 

Also, notable about Deon Kipping is that he wrote the song “Praise Him in Advance” made popular by Marvin Sapp.

Enjoy the clip!!!!!  Let me know what you think.

Worship Set List

I will admit that I haven’t done one these in a long time, but  here is the set that we did at my church this past Sunday.

  • I Will (Israel and New Breed)
  • Undignified Praise (Stephen Hurd)
  • Awesome Medley (Israel and New Breed)
  • Here I am to Worship (Israel and New Breed)

Studio Progress

This is the look of elation!!!!! Okay I was being silly but I am very happy – for one, I copied this outfit out of People Style magazine (you can’t see the grey pants) and two, I made major progress at the recording studio. We completed a song in about an hour and I can’t wait for you all to hear it.

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A Pretty Nice Work Trip

This is where I was last week…in Hawaii.  The first two pics were taken by my husband.  The last photo was taken by someone who was nice enough to do us the favor.

The scenery there is just gorgeous. 

Even though this was a business trip for me, I didn’t mind working in Hawaii. 

How cool was it to sit at the desk in the hotel room and look out at the Pacific Ocean!!!!  I tell you that God is good.

This was the best non-vacation trip that I have ever had. 

 What is the coolest place that you have been for work?

Covered – I Will Bless the Lord

Have you heard the song “I Will Bless the Lord” by Byron Cage on gospel radio? I love that song. It has a lot of energy, it’s upbeat, it’s ministered to me and all of that jazz. Recently, I heard the original version by Isaiah Thomas on Youtube and I really like it. This version is straight and to the point.

Take a listen and let me know what you think. Do you like the song covered or uncovered?

I Win

This month the enemy has thrown some punches at me, but I am making it through.  I will come out like a Champion for sure because that’s what God made me.

The devil has been a little mad at me and J because we gave up something to spend more time with God.  We exchanged listening to the radio for prayer, praise and worship. The devil decided he would get busy and try to defeat us both, but it’s not happening. 

Here is one of my theme songs: