Over the Weekend

  • Friday – studio time was scheduled, but things didn’t work out.  I was a little bummed because this was the second appointment that had been cancelled. 
  • Saturday – I got an email from one of my favorite producers letting me know that he had some beats on sale.  After listening to all of the beats, I found one that I really liked.  I may be using it to cover a pretty popular gospel song.  Stay tuned for that!!!!
  • Sunday – I sang “You Brought Me” by Marvin Sapp for our special music slot at church.  I believe that it was well received.  It was just one of those older songs that people seemed to appreciate hearing.


Hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!!!! The weather was nice here in Atlanta. 

I wanted to shout out to Bernard Williams, who did a concert yesterday in Birmingham.  Although I wasn’t able to make it, I know that he brought the house down.

Over the Weekend

I was privileged to sing at the wedding of a dear friend on Saturday, 10/24.  The wedding was simply beautiful.  Nothing was over the top, it was straight and to the point.  The minister was great.  He was very tasteful with his sense of humor and his wedding message was really good.  The highlight of the event  for me was when the bride serenaded her groom at the reception. She sang “I Love You for Sentimental Reasons” and it was nothing like I had ever heard.  In her arrangement, she slowed it down a bit and made it very soulful.  It was so sweet and before the song was over, the groom was in tears.  I even teared up a bit.

One of the songs that I sang at the wedding was “Already Here” by Brian Courtney Wilson.  I believe that this song really set the tone for the wedding.  It was a great way to usher in the presence of God.  I also sang “The Lord’s Prayer”.

Sunday was as busy singing day. Outside of Praise and Worship, I had to sing with the choir as well as accompany the dance ministry in their special music.  The choir sang “Cover Me” and the dance ministry danced to “Holy Spirit” by Duawne Starling, a powerful song.

Special Mention: The wedding feature inpsirational/gospel music at the reception so I commend the couple for that.  A couple of stand out songs on the playlist were –