About Aarika


Atlanta native, Aarika Radcliffe, has a way of capturing an audience with her distinctive, yet strong and soulful vocals.

At an early age, Aarika had a passion for singing and songwriting.  She simply created songs about God and living a Christian life.

Her parents played an influential role in her music style as well as Lavine Hudson and Deniece Williams. Although Aarika is a natural born singer, she holds a few degrees in Business Administration from both Alabama A&M University and American Intercontinental University.

Aarika Radcliffe’s single releases have been centered around praise and worship, but she also has a strong interest in Christmas music.

“I want to write music that the entire family can enjoy throughout the holidays.”

Her upcoming release, “Jingle Bells” is a fun and festive Christmas head bopper. It  represents a very family friendly sound. The single will release during the 2019 Holiday Season.



  1. HI Aarika! Keep up the great work! You’re doing a wonderful thing for God. I will definitely be on the lookout for your music 🙂

  2. Hello Aarika!!!!!!How are you cousin? I am doing great!! I am so proud of you. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am doing great!!! My hubby just asked about you yesterday. We must get together soon.

  3. Hey girly!! I really like your website. how are you guys doing over there? It is hard to find a song that will gwt you through the day like old school hyms.
    I have my computer now. thank you so much. good deal. Cai and Israel said hi!!!

    • Hey Charis!!!! I am glad that you like the site. It’s good to hear that you got the computer. Maybe we will be able to bless another cuz with it. Kiss the babies for me!!!

  4. Tamara,

    Could I please use your wrap in my church…….Awesome!

  5. Aarika, I listened to Magnify and just love it! You have your own unique sound and really sounds good. The strength and conviction of your voice speaks volumns, just keep up the good work, God truly blesses good works! Love you always,


  6. Hey Aarika,

    I just listened to your song. It is great! You have a beautiful voice. I don’t know if Markell told you, but I am a professional drummer. If you are ever in need of a drummer hit me up. I will be more than happy to work with you. Best wishes

  7. I am so proud of you. Go GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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