Who’s the judge???

I can think of some times in my life where I’ve been so judgemental of people.  The crazy part is that I didn’t know that I was even doing it.  I thought that my judgement was right because it was what I believed, or how I was raised or maybe even because it was tradition.

Out of all the times that I judged people, the incident that I remember most is when I judged a close friend about her wedding plans.  Long story short, she planned a wedding within two months and I totally couldn’t understand why she was doing that.  It was unusual to me because quick wedding planning was due to a pregnancy, sickly partner or military duty. Also, older couples tend to marry quickly.  So I called her out on the quick planning, expressed my feelings and totally destroyed the relationship that I had with her. 

The next year, I planned my nuptuals in less than two months and received tons of backlash for it. It mainly stemmed from the very thing that I judged her on.  Even more funny, I got married at the same venue that she used.

All I can say is that God is working on me. I really try to make a conscious effort not to judge because I’ve seen how the effects have been reversed.  It’s not pretty and sometimes it can be downright embarrassing.

Have you been guilty of  being  judgemental?  What happened in your situation?

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