Being An Independent Artist

I always thought that the goal as a music artist was to get signed to a major label. After the music industry started to change a bit I realized that the major label thing may not be the path for me.  I chose to go an alternate route as an artist.  I have made the choice to handle my own music career.

Because I have chosen to be independent, I have to do more work.  All of the work that a label would do for me is now my responsibility.  I have to market myself, book my own shows, distribute my music, figure out ways to get my music played and a  host of other things.

After doing tons of research, I found that there are a lot of resources to help me do this thing myself.  I even found  an awesome book, The Indie Band Survival Guide that I am currently reading.  I plan to share my thoughts and lessons learned as I make my way through the book.

I realize that I may have made some mistakes on the way, since I’ve started my journey, but it’s okay.  I will just dust myself off and continue to move forward.


Are you an independent artist?  What you made you decide to go that route?

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