Mary Mary on Jodine’s Corner

Have you ever visited a website and something in the content really surprised you?  That happened to me the other day as I was visiting the soulful site of  Jodine’s Corner.  While browsing the site, I came across the Podcast tab and to my surprise the very last podcast featured an interview with Erica Campbell of  Mary Mary. 

What I liked about the interview is that Erica Campbell is so laid back.  I just love her personality.  Also, throughout the podcast, various Mary Mary songs were played and it just reminded me of how good this group really is.  It also made me think of making a playlist full of  Mary Mary songs.  How cool would that be?  

Anyway,  take a moment to check out  Mary Mary on the inspirational edition of  Jodine’s Corner.


What are your Mary Mary favorites?

Mine are God in Me, Shackles, Heaven, Superfriend and The Real Party


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