It’s Been a While

I’ve been MIA for a while now.  To be honest with you, I think that I lost my motivation for my music project.  Also, I have been a little lazy.  I didnt make music a priority and I always used money as an excuse for why I was not doing anything.

A few weeks ago, my husband called me out and told me that I was spending too much time on my other projects and I could be doing so much more with music.  I knew that he was right, but it was hard to hear.  So after our talk I started doing a little research.  I wanted to know what I needed to do and how to do it.

One of the first things that I did was to finish a letter that I started writing to pastors that I know.  My goal is to sing outside of my church and let others hear my voice.  So I have written this letter to let these pastors know what I am doing and how they can help.  Once the letter has been sent out, I may share it with you all.

The next thing that I did was to work on finding music for my project.  Since I will more than likely start with a demo, I can use music from Soundclick.  I like to use this site because I’ve found producers on there whose music I like. I had music saved on Soundclick from last year so I took the time to narrow down the list as well as find a few new tracks. I enlisted the help of my and asked him to pick out tracks that he liked.  This will definitely help  me narrow down my selections. 

Now you know what I have been doing.  Next time I wont be gone so long.  Be sure to come back in a few days to see my music goals for this year.

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