God Is Good

I just realized that I forgot to do a weekend update.  Last week I went out to San Luis Obispo, CA on a recruiting trip for my job.  This was a really small town about an hour away from Santa Barbara. It was a true college town, but the food was amazing.  Splash has the best clam chowder that I have ever tasted.  Some of the locals told me to try the Tri-Tip (Steak) at Firestone Grill and it was so good. 

So to the music  – God is good.  I had just told the hubs that I needed to get the chance to do a full set (4 songs) of praise and worship to prepare for an upcoming event.  Well usually at my church there is more than one person that leads during a set.  I honestly didn’t know when I would get the chance.  But God!!!!!  To my surprise when I was given the line-up, every song that was chosen was my song.  Therefore I got to lead a full set by myself.  That hasn’t happened in years.

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