Over the Weekend

What a weekend!!!! I had a few things going on Saturday where I had to sing or was supposed to sing. It all started at the Prayer Breakfast at my church on Saturday. I sang my heart out during praise and worship. I was recovering from a cold so it was the first day that I had sung all week. It felt great singing.  I led one of my faves, “Here I Am to Worship”.  Just after we (the praise team) finished singing, I had to leave to go to a wedding rehearsal to go over “The Lord’s Prayer”. I couldn’t hit the notes like I wanted because of the cold, but it was all good. After that, it was time go home and rest before the next singing engagement.

I called the hubs on the way home and the more I talked, the more I felt my voice getting hoarse. So I thought I would eat something and then sip on something warm. Yeah, I did that, but I was still hoarse. Unfortunately I had to call and cancel my next appearance because at this point, I could barely talk. I really wanted to go and sing and I felt so bad, but there was nothing that I could do. I stayed at home and rested my body and my voice.

By Sunday, I had to cancel my special music because my voice was in horrible shape.  I did do praise and worship however, I believe I was just up there for moral support because I couldn’t sing much of anything.  Every now and then I could chime in on the lowest note possible.  Other than that, my voice was a wrap.

So that was my weekend – I am still recovering from the cold, but I feel fine. This weekend I have a wedding to prepare for so I will be gearing up for that as well as trying to secure a couple of gigs for the end of the year.

Until next time, I will be making a joyful noise.


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